Why Are Sideswipe Accidents So Dangerous?

Collisions are inevitable, given the large number of cars of the roads. Things can go wrong from time to time, and cars can crash into each other in different ways and produce various results. Most accidents will only produce minor property damage like paint scratches and small dents; occupants will stay safe and sound.

However, some will be quite serious with grave injuries and even fatalities. The vehicles may be deformed, perhaps to the point where repairs are no longer feasible. Careful driving can drastically reduce the number of incidents.

Three things will have the biggest influence on the outcome: the force of the impact, the points of contact, and the size disparity. For example, sideswipes occur when one vehicle experiences a glancing blow from another on the road. Sometimes direct hits where the front of one car hits the side of another is also included in this definition.

These occurrences are common for vehicles that are driving side by side, with one of them attempting to move to the other’s lane. Distractions lead the driver to move recklessly, hitting another in the process. Perhaps they were using their phones or looking at other things. Before they know it, the collision is underway.

This frequently happens when a vehicle approaching from the back is relatively small, such as a motorcycle, a scooter, or a bicycle. Drivers may fail to see them if they are in the blind spot. Thinking that there is nothing in the next lane, they may try to move swiftly to take advantage of the situation.

Why are sideswipe accidents so dangerous? The motorist can be toppled over by this sideswipe. If the impact is strong, then the victim may bounce many feet away! Fractures, bruises, and open wounds can result after forcefully hitting the ground. Traumatic brain injuries are possible, especially for those who have no safety gear for the head.

The vast majority of damage from sideswipe accidents will be limited to the vehicles, especially when it comes to cars. Insurance companies know this very well so they may be skeptical about injury claims. Those who have legitimately sustained injuries should make sure that they have all the medical evidence required to prove their claims.

Those who were riding two-wheeled vehicles are more likely to go off-balance, change directions, and fall. Riders are quite vulnerable to serious injuries because there is no protective cage to absorb the impact. If you are dealing with this type of incident, then contact a San Diego car accident attorney right away for legal guidance.

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