California Trucking Laws

Semi-trucks are unique because their drivers aren’t just heading to work or driving around for fun—they’re already at work, and they have specific guidelines for the way they should conduct themselves behind the wheel.

When something goes wrong while they’re driving, it could be because they didn’t follow the specific laws that govern truckers. When this happens, truck accident lawyers in Orange County can help you investigate what went wrong and what laws may have been broken.

If you believe the cause was a mistake on the truck driver’s part, you can expect your lawyer to investigate the following areas for signs that the laws may have been broken.

Weight Limits

The tractor trailers you see on the road every day weigh several tons and navigating that much weight isn’t easy. It’s a common type of accident for an 18-wheeler to jackknife or lose control because of all that weight.

However, when is it too much weight? California law doesn’t allow trucks to carry over 80,000 pounds on the biggest trucks. To calculate that for semi-trucks of other sizes, that any single axle shouldn’t be carrying more than 20,000 pounds.

So, if the semi-truck that caused your accident had two axles but was carrying 50,000 pounds, the extra weight could have caused your accident. Too much weight can cause equipment malfunction and damage.

Taking Breaks

Not every accident is mechanical, though. While these drivers are professionals, driver error is a real problem that could cause your accident. Often, this is because the driver is sleepy, distracted, or otherwise not paying the full attention to the road that they should.

Often, this is because they’ve skipped breaks. Truckers are required to stop and rest every twelve hours during a shift, but sometimes, these breaks don’t happen. They may receive incentives for finishing their route ahead of schedule, or they might try to push through because they’re not encouraged to stop. However, doing this puts other drivers like you at risk.

Breaking the Limits is Dangerous

However, when a truck driver takes a big risk like driving with too heavy a load or driving too long, it’s you who might suffer the consequences. When a driver takes these risks, you could be injured and suffer for some time.

Lucky for you, a lawyer can help. If you’re struggling with your claim, get the help you need to investigate California law and whether the truck driver caused your accident through their negligence. Don’t let them get away with causing your injuries: get the compensation you deserve when other drivers break the law.