What Counts as a Serious Injury?

Accidents are a major cause of injuries and deaths in our lives and it’s important to understand a little more about what causes accidents and especially what causes serious injuries. We all know that you can’t plan for every accident, but there are some ways to prevent serious injuries and death.

The first step is to identify major causes of accidents in order to make those your focus when planning strategies to prevent serious injuries. Here are some of the major causes of accidents that result in serious injuries or death:

  • Auto accidents
  • Accidents on someone’s property such as falls, being struck by falling objects, pool incidents, etc.
  • Medical injuries
  • Construction and factory accidents
  • Dangerous products

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Injury and a Serious Injury?

The difference between the two has to do with how the injury affects your life. Of course we all view injuries and their effects on our lives differently, so what seems serious to one person may not seem so serious to someone else.

For instance, if you broke your leg once you may consider that a fairly serious injury. You probably remember that it took you a long time to heal and that it kept you from enjoying your life the way you wanted to. That being said, you were able to recover fully from that injury with no overall health problems.

That injury may not qualify as a serious injury, although you believe it was serious. A general way to know if your injury counts as a serious one is to ask yourself this question: “Did this injury affect my health permanently?”

Some examples of serious injuries are:

  • Broken bones
  • Severe burns
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Organ and other internal injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Loss of limb

Why Does the Seriousness of Your Injury Matter?

The reason you may be wondering what counts as a serious injury is because in some states, like Washington for instance, you must have sustained a serious injury in order to file a personal injury claim, particularly with regard to car accidents. To recover the damages from your injuries you will have to prove the level of seriousness of your injury.

Do You Need Help Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

Now, you have an idea as to what types of accidents can lead to serious injuries so that you can better plan for those types of situations.

Also, you may be thinking of filing a claim seeking damages for your injuries, or if someone you love was killed in a serious accident then you may need to hire an attorney like these: Craig Swapp & Associates, personal injury attorneys.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Balance

Bioidentical hormone therapy is one of the most rapidly growing ways to treat menopause symptoms and challenges. Too many women have found that as menopause sets in, they start to lose hormones which can cause a great deal of discomfort. For years’ women have just dealt with this, until the advent of hormone therapy. Unfortunately, the use of traditional hormone replacement therapies created more problems, which ultimately lead to many people simply avoiding them. Bioidentical hormone therapy is different because it is designed to work in synch with your natural hormones, and even more importantly, it is designed to create a balance so that your body can work together naturally.

Regulate Your Hormones with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

The human body is designed to work in concert with itself. When it comes to hormones and the need for bioidentical hormone therapy, this is not exception. The body requires that it can coordinate efforts with all of the hormones in the body. In other words, what the body does is it uses one hormone to support the others. When one hormone needs to be optimized, so that it can enhance the effects of others, the body needs to have the ability to do that. When the needs have passed, the body can “switch off” certain hormones.

The reason why traditional hormone replacement therapy was rarely as successful was that the synthetic hormones were not chemically identical to the ones your body produces, resulting in the body not being able to turn them “off”.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Creates Balance

With bioidentical hormone therapy what we are looking for is balance. The ability to chemically reproduce hormones that are identical to your body’s natural hormones. This allows the body to regulate the bioidentical hormones in much the same manner as it would natural hormones, creating a much more natural affect.

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